Sample Preservation


Barcoded 2ml tube. Eject the swab head with a sample from the CollectEject™ swab into the GenTube by depressing the green plunger.

Excellent chain-of-custody from point of collection to processing in the laboratory 

GenTube 2ml barcoded tube

Preserve specimen cards during transportation from the point of collection to the laboratory

GenPouch Family.jpg

The GenDry™ Pouch is a sealed foiled pouch with a zip closure for preserving samples after collection to transport to the laboratory for processing.

It comes in two variants:
GenDry™ CE: Sealed pouch includes a 2g desiccant and is designed to accept a CollectEject™ Swab.

GenDry™ GS: Shorter, sealed pouch includes a 1g desiccant and is designed to accept the GenSwab™


Biobank samples at ambient temperature for over 20 years

GenKeep (2).jpg