GenSwab Products

The GenSwab product line provides everything required to collect, transport and preserve your buccal samples.





The GenPouch is designed to preserve the Genswab from the point of collection to the laboratory. This barrier pouch has a clear front so you can see the product inside and read any barcodes directly on the front-side of the product. This saves barcoding the need to barcode the GenPouch and possible transcription errors of the wrong barcode placed on the pouch. The tape seal is designed to seal the pouch without the need for a heatsealer. Once the product is placed inside, simply pull the tape off the top, exposing the adhesive and fold at the perforation.The adhesive strip covers the top of the pouch providing as secure seal. The GenPouch can be customized with a label.





The GenSwab is the perfect collection device for a buccal sample that requires to be stored for many years. The device has a foam swab that is rubbed on the inside of your cheek to collect saliva and buccal cells. The wrapper on the GenSaver 2.0 Color Card is unwrapped, the swab is folded over the card and the wrapper is replaced over the card so the user can squeeze the sample and transfer it to the GenSaver 2.0 Color Card for long-term preservation. The card is shipped to the laboratory in the GenPouch and after punching the card can be stored in the GenKeep at room temperature for over twenty-five years. The GenSwab can be customized to meet your requirements.



GenKeep™ is designed to store framed specimen cards


  • Ideal to store the GenSaver™ 2.0 cards (Ahlstrom-Munksjo) removed from the GenSwab™
  • Stores 180 cards in 9” x 12” x 4”
  • Cards are separated to maximize air flow and to minimize risk of contamination
  • The 12” depth is designed to fit standard shelving
  • The lid opens from the front for easy access
  • The outside is easy to label or write-on